Complacency heading into spring

Last Week in Review: Complacency heading into spring Volatility has disappeared in the fin... Read More

Euro pain, US bonds gain

  Last Week in Review: Disinflation washes up on our shores     If inflation moves lower o... Read More

U.S. Economy showing solid growth

Last Week in Review: U.S. Economy showing solid growth. This past week, the Bureau of Econ... Read More

No Rush to Hike Interest Rates

Last Week in Review:Minutes Revealed The highlight of this past week was the Fed Minutes f... Read More

Retail Sales hit a shocking 9-year low

Last Week in Review: Canary in the coalmine. The financial markets are sensing a governmen... Read More

Why home loan rates will stay low

Last Week in Review: Why home loan rates will stay low The Fed met this past week. As expe... Read More

Stocks continue their winning ways

Last Week in Review:  Stocks continue their winning ways. Home loan rates finished this we... Read More

Inflation is not a threat

Last Week in Review: No rate hikes in 2019. Who wins? Stocks continued to react positively... Read More

Apple helps home loan rates

Last Week in Review: Apple, Congress negate solid jobs numbers I-Phone maker, Apple, was a... Read More

Best home loan rates since April

Last Week in Review: Spring rates revisited. It was all about the Fed this past week. On W... Read More

Carrington Observes The National Day of Mourning in Honor of President...

We Mourn the Passing of an American President As a Nation, we pause to mourn the passing o... Read More

Rates Hit a Seven Year High

Last Week in Review: Rates hit seven-year highs midweek on the heels of a confusing Fed me... Read More

Consumer Price Index lower than expectations

Last Week in Review: Rates were higher early in the week - but improved on the heels of a ... Read More

August Housing Starts Rise

Last Week in Review: August brought mixed results on new home construction and sales of ex... Read More

Did Inflation Sizzle or Fizzle?

Last Week in Review: August Retail Sales rose at their smallest level in six months. Did i... Read More

Rise in Non-Farm Payroll

Last Week in Review: Non-farm payrolls rose in August. So did home prices in July. U.S. em... Read More

Home Sales Fall for the Fourth Straight Month in July

Last Week in Review: Existing Home Sales fell for the fourth straight month in July. New H... Read More

Housing Starts improved from June's nine-month low.

Last Week in Review: Retail Sales were stronger than expected in July. Housing Starts impr... Read More

Did inflation heat up in July?

Last Week in Review: Home price gains were strong in June. Did inflation heat up in July? ... Read More

New Loan Program: The Carrington Investor Advantage

Carrington Mortgage Services, LLC (CMS) has announced a new loan program.  The Carrington ... Read More

Home Prices Continue to Rise

Last Week in Review: Job growth eased in July while annual inflation remained tame in June... Read More

Economic Growth Surged in the Second Quarter of 2018

Last Week in Review: Home sales slumped in June while second quarter economic growth soare... Read More

Housing Starts Fall in June

Last Week in Review: June saw Housing Starts slump and Retail Sales jump. U.S. homebuilder... Read More

Annual Inflation Heating up

Last Week in Review: Annual inflation ticked up while small business optimism neared recor... Read More

August 2018 Webinar: Be a Hero to your Clients with EXPANDED HOME Loan...

Tue, Aug 14, 2018 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM PDT   Get a leg up on the competition by offering al... Read More

Jobs skyrocket in June

Last Week in Review: The Jobs Report for June was better than expected. The holiday-shorte... Read More

New Home Sales Rise

Last Week in Review: Sales of new homes rose in May while annual inflation readings edged ... Read More

Existing Home Sales are down 3 percent from last May

Last Week in Review: Existing Home Sales fell in May. Housing Starts signaled potential ho... Read More

Retail Sales Rise

Last Week in Review: Retail Sales were on the rise while inflation showed some warming sig... Read More

Home Price Climb Continues

Last Week in Review: Home prices continue to rise while geopolitical and trade war uncerta... Read More

Be a Hero to your Clients with EXPANDED HOME Loan Solutions

Be a Hero to your Clients with EXPANDED HOME Loan Solutions Tuesday  June 12, 2018 11:00 A... Read More

Job Growth Heats Up in May

Last Week in Review: Geopolitical headlines moved the markets. May job growth beat expecta... Read More

Housing Starts Stutter

Last Week in Review: Housing Starts stall in April, while registers were ringing at retail... Read More

Consumer Inflation Below Expectations

Last Week in Review: Consumer and wholesale inflation were tame in April, while geopolitic... Read More

Alternative Income Documentation Now Available On Near Prime Loans!

Alternative Income Documentation now available on Near Prime loans! W-2s and 12 month bank... Read More

Jobs, Inflation and the Fed

Last Week in Review: The April Jobs Report disappointed while inflation ticked up in March... Read More

Home Sales Rise, Inventory Still Lean

Last Week in Review: Home sales increased in March, though inventory remains a challenge. ... Read More

Housing Starts, Retail Sales Rise

Last Week in Review: Retail Sales and Housing Starts blossom in March. Retail Sales rose 0... Read More

Finding the Best Mortgage Lenders in 2018

Smartasset took time to find the best lenders by comparing competitive rates, low fees, a ... Read More

Consumer Inflation Remains Tame

Last Week in Review: Inflation remained tame in March, though the Fed still expects it to ... Read More

Newsflash! Carrington on CNBC

  CNBC highlights Carrington's new Non-Prime programs with Rick Sharga See what Rick Sharg... Read More

March Job Growth Slows

Last Week in Review: March job growth came in lower than expected, while home prices conti... Read More

Inflation Tame, GDP Edged Lower

Last Week in Review: GDP edged lower in fourth quarter 2017, while inflation remained tame... Read More

Fed Hikes Rates

Last Week in Review: Sales of new and existing homes showed different results in February ... Read More

Carrington by the Numbers

Since 2007 Carrington Mortgage Services has grown into a nationally recognized mortgage le... Read More
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